Our Story.

Two years before their humble beginnings, the co-founders were able to make Timexury a respected luxury brand. In January 2018, Steve St-Andre and Samuel Roy acquired Timexury, a lifestyle brand for watch owners. Their goal was simple and precise: to create high quality watches and accessories for men and women at an affordable price.

- - -

Timexury is a Montreal-based international luxury brand, serving the needs of the fashion industry locally and around the world. Timexury's goal is to create a unique product that will remind you that you are part of an exclusive experience.
If you are actively looking for a luxury brand that stands out from the status quo, look no further.

Above all,
We are inspired by time.

The Owners.

We are aware that our business depends on you. With your trust, we do our best to provide you with a flawless shopping experience and customer service that meets your expectations. That's why we are pleased to offer you free shipping worldwide, 30-day returns and a 2-year warranty on all our products.

Samuel Roy & Steve St-André

the materials.

Most of our watches are made of Stainless Steel 316L in order to guarantee you a watch that will stand the test of your daily life. Our 316L alloy offers excellent high temperature tensile strength, creep and stress rupture resistance, as well as exceptional formability and weldability.

Many of our timepieces are made of Mineral Crystal Glass. It has superb properties of reflection, resistance and clarity. Mineral glass crystals are coated with a hard material, making them less susceptible to scratching.

the bracelet is an important part of the timepiece. We are constantly working to improve each part of the watch to make it resistant to any eventuality. Our leather is stable and resistant to tearing and has the ability to withstand a number of bending cycles without the appearance of surface cracks resulting from stress.